MING KUANG ENTERPRISES CO. ("Ming Kuang" or the "Company"), founded in 1962, has some forty years history. Since its foundation, the Company provided its customers with the most forward printing equipments and techniques of its time, including monochrome printing to multi-colour label printing.

In 1987, in view to grow beyond commercial threshold and the traditional printing industry, the Company joined force with the British Fix-a-Form International. By means of strategic alliance, the Company imported the most cutting-edge packaging and printing techniques to effectively adapt to globalizing markets and well expand through the Asia-Pacific sector. In 1992, it further increased the scale of operation to set foot in the international market. Currently, the Company transacts business all over the world.
With the goal of unrelenting research and development, Ming Kuang devoted itself to innovate and break through the restraints of the packaging of traditional marketing. The resulting product is the "multi-function leaflet label" which breaches the spatial limitations of the traditional label sheets and further efficiently combines the labels and the products (four main markets) to ultimately reduce the gap with the consumers and bring the relationship between the latter and the product into a new era.

Even though under its relentless efforts, Ming Kuang has already achieved decent results, it is not complacent of the status quo. We will be all the more vigilant and conscientious in its management from here onwards in hopes to provide its clients, as well as the general consumers, with more novel quality services.

From the very beginning of its forty or so years of existence, Ming Kuang’s philosophy has been rooted in “Skill, Quality, Efficiency, Service”. The Company is composed of a group of employees with high morale who are full of vigour and vitality. Under the leadership of the president and the management group, all employees are ambitious, energetic and efficient. From its foundation, the employees actively promote innovations and strive for improvement, such has contributed to the Company’s continued stable growth. Our culture emphasizes promptness, flexibility, fairness and leniency and encourages the employees to innovate services and live mistakes. We provide the employees with a work environment that is liberal and safe, which promotes business ethics and continued learning, in view to build a superior corporate group.

In its company philosophy, Ming Kuang stresses professionalism and earnestness in addition to quality.This has long been the embodiment of the company philosophy as well as the core basis on which the Company acquires its clients’ support and recognition.In terms of client management, the Company upholds its motto of “Skill, Quality, Efficiency, Service” to provide the most accurate services, which brings our services to the highest realm.

Facing the challenges of the new century, Ming Kuang will pursue continued operations by increasing management efficiency and competitiveness through the maintenance of its principles and the emphasis on quality in addition to its philosophy of professionalism and earnestness. We will persist to import global research and development know-how and your continual support and encouragement are our motivation to exceed expectations. With the aim for further growth and expansion, we welcome comments and suggestions from forerunners of all sectors.