The Company's new product, Fix-a-Form multi-function leaflet labels, is well received and much-loved by the firms and general public; its multi-page design is a significant plus for the cost-benefit of the product packaging as well as the overall image. Distinct from the traditional single-page labels, Ming Kuang's Fix-a-Form labels have adopted a multi-page 3-dimentional design and, in this fashion, multiplied the then limited product packaging space. The outline of the five major advantages of the product, as found in the marketing materials, is as follows:
Provision of a more cost-effective packaging
All Fix-a-Form labels may be applied by the fully-automated standard labeler; each minute approximately 100 to 150 bottles (boxes). Production efficiency and warehouse management have been amply increased as cost for human capital is reduced, as well as human errors of manual labeling, and any storage loss of supplies (such as carton boxes or shrink wrap film) is avoided.
Provision of related information and incorporation of marketing material
As the labels can remain adhered to the product packaging for prolonged period of time, it not only provides the consumers with readily accessible product information, it allows for great convenience during the use of the product and further cuts down on unnecessary marketing costs. Furthermore, Fix-a-Form enables direct and effective two-way communications with current clientele to further prevent intangible waste of resources.
The best promotional medium for the product
The multi-page design of the leaflet label maximizes the effectiveness of the initially limited space on the product package. The ability to provide detailed product-related information is characteristic of the multi-page design. Moreover, it can be used to promote other related products and provide the consumer a clear snap-shot of the companys product profiles after viewing the label.
Provision of customized and dynamic services
  The multi-function leaflet label may be adapted to various outer packaging depending on product requirements, where the range of label formats can enable pluralist applications. For example, customer surveys and return envelopes may be included in the label to enhance two-way communications between the firm and the consumers. Further, such can facilitate various forms of promotional activities which will ultimately enable the firm to bring about products that better satisfy the needs of the clientele.
Promotion of the overall image of the enterprise
Fix-a-Form can promote and strengthen the overall image of the product and the business, to further indirectly increase the customers recognition of the product and the reliability the brand. As the label will adhere to the product package for prolonged period of time, its use is pleasing to the eye and practical, as well as environment-friendly. Such is beneficial to raise customer loyalty and to the overall company image, which ultimately aid in the achievement of overall sales targets.